Top Tech

We envision a world in which technology both facilitates and fuels the transformation of the agriculture and industrial sector.

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Maximum Efficiency

Our goal is delivering maximum efficiency and effectiveness within your budget.

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We have based and enhanced our grain aeration solutions on research and ongoing discussions with farmers and subject-matter experts.

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Grain Aerations & Dryer Service, Repairs, Sales and Manufacturer of Industrial electrical panels.

Utilizing our more than 30 years of engineering experience, Kuhler can design an effective and long-lasting automated grain aeration system for your application and setup. Our tech powered generator control aeration systems have an easy-to-use design which makes them a popular choice among farmers searching for grain aeration solutions. We also specialize in an extensive array of electrical equipment for grain storage and handling equipment for farm and industrial applications, which includes electrical switchgear, enclosures, electrical motors and gearboxes and control panels.


Brand New Products, Remarkably low Costs

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Diesel Dryer Service Repair

We offer a competitive and extensive variety of expert Diesel Dryer Service & Repairs to maintain your Diesel Dryer in peak shape.

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Automation & Electrical Installation

With the broad skill sets of our team, we are able to automate and control a wide range of machinery used in several different kinds of agricultural operations.

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Friendly Engineers, Quick & Efficient Services

Kuhler is a small but experienced Australia-based company that is made up of individuals with experience in grain aeration, industrial equipment and electrical manufacturing, with more than 25 years of experience in the mechanical engineering field, and more than 10 years of experience in feed and food manufacturing.

We Are Open

We are almost always open and know what it takes to keep your important machinery running at peak efficiency. Our call-out services are timely and effective, to make sure you never run out of support.

Why Kuhler Pyt Ltd?

Agricultural & Industrial Solutions & Applications

Kuhler specializes in grain dryer repair, maintenance and installations. We also design and manufacture grain aeration controllers and panels for industrial application utilizing the latest technology and innovations to provide you with the tools to remain in control at all times.

Affordable Tech Based Solutions